Key Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Furniture Care
Key Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Furniture Care
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Furniture is an important investment you make for adorning your beautiful homes. Quality furniture amplifies the depth and beauty of the space. But to ensure that the quality stays intact and unscathed for a longer duration, you have to devote a considerable amount of time and effort towards its upkeep. From buying the best plywood for your furniture to maintaining its condition, repairing wear and tear if any, retaining shine and color, etc, all of these factors need equal deliberation and attention. Knowing certain key techniques for the safekeeping of your furniture will always come in handy. Not only because they are easy to implement but you can work out your budget and prioritize your requirements accordingly.


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Follow These Tips for Your Furniture to Remain Timeless


Treat Furniture with Care


When you place setting glasses or mugs on the wooden table, use coasters to avoid rings and heat damage. It is also advised not to place hot food directly without the protection of a potholder or trivet. Install decorative placemats or tablecloths to protect your dining table from drink and food spills.


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Dusting is a Must


Dusting may seem like a very arduous and time-consuming job, but it's very much needed for the proper care of the furniture. Airborne particles form a filmy layer on the wooden furniture that scratches its surface. When you dust consistently, you prevent the buildup of such dust particles. Use soft cloth-like cotton T-shirts, cloth diapers, or micro-fibers to clean the surfaces. For furniture with more ornate carvings or designs, use lambswool dusters to reach out to the hardest places of the surfaces.


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Ensure Complete Protection


Apart from dusting, you can buy commercial sprays and polishes with petroleum distillates or silicone to offer a shiny finish as well as overall protection of the furniture. But make sure not to overspray as it can react with dust to create a gooey, sticky, dull film that can otherwise damage the furniture.


Keep Them Away from Sunlight


Direct sunlight is detrimental to wooden furniture as it can contribute to rapid damage to the wood. This is why it is always better to keep your furniture away from the contact of the sunlight.


Wax or Polish


The thing to remember here is that wax and polish have different characteristics. Therefore, you have to use them with caution based on your needs. Wax gives off long-lasting protection and is more durable than sprays or polish. Polish, on the other hand, should be applied with restraint. It helps to remove blemishes, abrasions, and stains. Furthermore, it lowers the friction of a wooden surface as it stops dust from clinging to the surface.


Best Plywood for Your Furniture


Plywood serves as the best building material and a fantastic alternative to highly expensive wood. And the best part is that getting the best plywood for your furniture has become such an easy job.

Greenply, India's one of the best plywood brands, has created a household name in itself with its elaborate range of plywood and blockboards from BWP or marine grade plywood to structural and fire retardant plywood, you can get ply and boards in varying thicknesses (4mm, 6mm, 12mm, 19mm and 25mm) across price points. Visit the website to check the available options and price list for the same.


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Finishing Touches on Your Furniture


Is laminate better than veneer finish furniture or vice versa? This question seems to put many homebuyers in a dilemma. But the right answer to this is none. It all depends on what you want at the end of the day. Laminates are durable and scratch-resistant. And above all, they are more resistant to moisture, warping, heat, wear and tear, etc. 

A veneer finish furniture, on the other hand, offers a rustic and charming touch to your home as it blends with contemporary spaces. Since most of them are sourced from exotic wood species, they have very distinct characteristics. This, in turn, transforms every interior into a very individualistic and distinct living space. 

Remember, it's not just the best plywood that determines the fate of your furniture. Furniture care extends into how well you keep them long-lasting and sustainable. Every piece of furniture, at the end of the day, means something to us. The stories and sentiments associated with our furniture hold a special place in our hearts. It is also regarded as a timeless heirloom passed down from generation after generation. Therefore, regular care and maintenance will let your furniture revel in its long years of beauty and appeal.

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