Greenply's Commitment to Safe Indoors with E-Zero Products Range
Greenply's Commitment to Safe Indoors with E-Zero Products Range
Oct 27, 2023 | By: admin

In today's world, we spend an increasing amount of time indoors. Our homes have become our private haven, and we put enormous efforts to create a healthy living space around us - from indoor plants to meditative lights and use of sustainable and natural material. What we often neglect is our furniture and other plywood interiors, which makes most of our home indoors. It’s very important to not only use sustainable materials for our furniture and interiors but also raw materials such as adhesives used to make these materials, as the quality of the air we breathe is dependent on the materials that surround us.


The harmful emissions from wooden furniture can cause serious problems like nausea, headache etc. if one is exposed to them for a long duration. Here, the Zero Emission certified products from Greenply play a pivotal role in setting up your interiors with no harmful emission, no irritating smell and only healthy furniture.


However, the question that crops up is why is it called zero-emission? What difference does the certification make?


Zero Emission: Breathe Easy with Certified Assurance 




Zero-emission plywood, often referred to as E-0 plywood is an engineered wood product that is manufactured with no formaldehyde emissions. Formaldehyde is a chemical commonly used in the production of various wood products. High emissions of it bring down the indoor air quality, thereby, impacting our health. But don’t you worry at all! Breathe easy with Greenply’s E0 range that emits no harmful emission. Such strictly low emission standards align with recommendations followed globally. These standards have been mandated keeping safety in mind for the long run. Greenply is the only brand to have been awarded with global certifications such as EPA and CARB certification for its zero emission plywood.


What Are the E0-Certified Products from Greenply?


Our E0 range of certified wood products is diversified into branches - Plywood, Blockboard, and MDF


●    Green Platinum
●    Green Club 700
●    Green Club 5 Hundred
●    Green 710 PLYWOOD
●    Green Gold PLYWOOD




●    Greenply CARB P2 MDF 

Decorative Veneers

●    All WoodCrrest range of decorative veneers


●    Green Club Doors
●    Green Platinum Doors 
●    Green Gold Doors


Internationally Recognised Ethical E0 Products




In addition to achieving the E0 emission standard, Greenply's products are also certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The CARB certification is issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. It is recognized worldwide for its stringent policies concerning the regulation of formaldehyde emissions.


The Greenply Warranty: Quality In the Long Run


Greenply adheres to the highest standards of quality, which testifies to the company's commitment to its customers. Depending on the product type, they offer different warranties, such as the Green Club 5 Hundred which comes with a remarkable 500% lifetime warranty. This warranty affirms the company's confidence in its products ensuring only high-quality materials get delivered to our homes.\


Greenply E0 Products For Sustainable Living Spaces


As we rise in awareness of the importance of indoor air quality and the materials used in our homes, Greenply's commitment to safe indoor spaces shines even brighter. Our introduction to India’s first E0 emission product range demonstrates the dedication to providing solutions that prioritize health and well-being by truly living up to its reputation as Har Ghar ka Hero.




Greenply has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry and has consistently strived to meet emerging needs and provide products that meet the highest quality and safety standards. As part of its mission to enhance indoor air quality, Greenply has introduced India's first Zero Emission product range. This showcases our commitment to delivering products that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible simultaneously, truly emerging as Har Ghar Ka Hero. So, when you think about creating a beautiful and safe indoor environment, think Greenply.

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