FAQs On Waterproof Plywood To Help You Choose The Right Kind Of Material For Your Requirements
Feb 20, 2016 | By: admin

Often our customers come up with queries regarding water resistant furniture. Here, we have answered the most common ones that we have come across in the last six months.

Take a look:

Can I leave waterproof plywood furniture outside, in the rainy season?

No. Even waterproof furniture has a limit to which it can resist moisture. There are few way to exposing water proof outdoor furniture constantly will eventually make it lose its shine and durability. A few spills won’t hurt the plywood, but more than that and it will spell trouble for the furniture.

Are water resistant plywood and marine plywood the same?

Absolutely not. Water resistant plywood can resist water up to some extent. It can easily withstand the occasional splash of water, or frequent exposure to humidity with ease. However, marine plywood has much higher water resistance; so much so, that it can be used to build boats. This is not something that water resistant plywood can ever match.

What is the meaning of this BWR/BWP printed on plywood sheets?

BWR stands for Boiling Water Resistant, and indicates that the plywood in question is resistant to water. BWP stands for Boiling Water Proof, which has a much higher water resistance and is pretty much impervious to water. There are also other waterproof plywood specifications, but these are the most common.

Should I use marine grade plywood to make the bed?

Well, you certainly can, but it will be overkill. After all, you don’t expect your bed to be submerged in water for days on end, do you? Interior grade MR plywood should work just fine here. If you are making a folding cot that you might use outside at times, then consider building it with BWR (water resistant) plywood. Save marine grade plywood for structures that may have to withstand large quantities of water. Your roof, for instance, is one such place. Same goes for bathroom doors and chairs that you are likely to leave on the patio.

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