Explore Pros and Cons of PVC & Plywood Kitchen Cabinets
Explore Pros and Cons of PVC & Plywood Kitchen Cabinets
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Nowadays, people are more open to the idea of experimenting with their home and interior decor. Especially when it comes to kitchens, almost everyone we know either has or aspires to have a modular set-up. Our kitchens are no longer just the humble space designated for cooking - rather it has become an extension of our aesthetic sensibilities. And as far as designing modular kitchens are concerned, two kinds of materials rank high in the popularity meter:  PVC/ WPC boards and plywood.


PVC boards for kitchen


PVC/ WPC Boards for Your Kitchen Cabinets


The term PVC stands for Poly-Vinyl Chloride and it might sound familiar. That's because it's a widely used material for making pipes especially for the ones used in the bathroom. However, with the growing popularity of modular kitchens, PVC is also earning popularity as go-to material for making kitchen cabinets. 

There are two types of PVC materials used for making kitchen cabinets: PVC hollow boards and PVC foam boards. As the name suggests, PVC hollow boards are hollow from within while the PVC foam boards are more sturdy inside.


Advantages of PVC Boards


Easy installation: PVC Boards are ready to fit in boards which are lightweight and easy to install. Furthermore, these boards do not require additional fixing.

Requires zero maintenance: PVC boards are very easy to clean and do not get stained easily. They are even termite-resistant, waterproof, oil-free and anti-corrosive.

Economical: When it comes to the price point, PVC Boards are comparatively cheaper as opposed to plywood or other materials thus making it a lucrative option over others.


advantages of PVC boards


Disadvantages of PVC Boards


Low resistance to fires: Kitchens are the place where furniture comes in close contact with fire and heat. The PVC Boards, however, show low fire resistance and thermal resistance. 

Susceptible to scratches: Since most PVC boards are made of plastics, they are prone to scratches and cuts in the long run. This is why it is advised not to use any razor sharp material on the PVC boards.


Plywood and Blockboard for Kitchen Cabinets


Plywood has always been the go-to-option for building your furniture. In India, residential and commercial spaces still favour plywood over other materials when it comes to making bespoke interiors. This is because plywood maintains a perfect balance between style and durability. Plywood when combined with wooden veneers are used for making furniture and the texture and grains on their surface exude a very premium and sophisticated look to your rooms irrespective of the designs chosen.

For kitchen cabinets, there is a big demand for BWP or Boiling Waterproof Plywood and blockboard. Simply put, BWP can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture without affecting its overall quality and ability as kitchens are known to be exposed to water, oil etc.



Advantages of Plywood & Blockboard


Easily customisable: Plywood is a flexible material which makes it easy to adapt to various shapes and sizes. You can custom make cabinet designs as per your liking and get the desired finish with a layer of laminate or wood veneer on the surface. 

Hassle-free cleaning: Kitchen cabinets generally go through a lot of wear and tear owing to its daily usage. That's why wooden kitchen cabinets are preferred more as wooden surfaces are easy to clean no matter how tough the stains are. 

Highly durable: Plywood & blockboard is the best material for cabinets as it is superior in terms of its construction and therefore highly durable and long lasting. 


Disadvantages of Plywood & Blockboard


High in maintenance: Wooden cabinets require a lot of care and maintenance. You need to buy products that can assist you in cleaning your kitchen cabinets. There are even different oils you need to buy for polishing the wooden surfaces. 

A costly affair: Wood can be pricey for most homeowners. The durability, versatility and quality determine the increasing cost of the plywood. Thus, it is a must to draw out a budget before revamping your kitchen interiors.


plywood and blockboard


Why Opt Greenply for PVC/ WPC Boards and Plywood? 


By now, we all are aware of how locking in on the perfect kitchen cabinet material requires a lot of research and budgetary implications. This is why going for the right interiors brand that accommodates all your requirements is important. Furthermore, this also guarantees you the best quality and long-lasting products.

Greenply, India's highly trusted and reputed brand, is every homebuyer and architect’s ideal choice. Not only does the brand stand for innovation and authenticity, but also its products are of unmatched quality and standards. 

Be it plywood and blockboard or PVC boards, you can get to choose the best material for your kitchen cabinet from Greenply. 

Like when it comes to PVC Boards, Green Ndure from Greenply delivers the promise of durability and visual appeal. They are lead-free, environmental-friendly, termite proof and waterproof. They also have fire-retardant properties and come in varying densities as per the application requirement. And as far as plywood and blockboard is concerned, Green Absolute Calibrated (16mm) is one of our best-selling products for making modular kitchen however one can choose from our vast range of marine grade and fire-retardant plywood available like Green 710, Green Club Plus Seven Hundred, Green Gold Platinum, Green Defender etc. in order to revamp their kitchen interiors.

Both PVC boards and plywood have proved to be well suited for kitchen cabinets. However, it's entirely up to you to decide which one you should go for. Weigh both options to see which one fits your taste and budget. For better knowledge, consult an expert and choose what’s best for you.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.