Enhance Your Home Interiors with Natural Wood Veneer
Enhance Your Home Interiors with Natural Wood Veneer
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A home is so much more than the four walls we give it credit for. Transcending its basic purpose, it is our constant source of happiness after a long day’s work. We create memories and we share priceless moments with loved ones – our homes then turn into a sanctum of peace. With this notion in mind, it’s only fitting that we treat our interiors accordingly and opt for nothing but the best. Natural wood veneer sheets win in this regard.


By applying veneers on various surfaces, you can amplify the look and feel of your indoor spaces almost effortlessly. This is not limited to furniture alone – it finds application on surfaces such as walls or panels as well. Since they are sourced from exotic forests, they maintain the same elegance that helps create aesthetic value for your home. In the process, veneers can turn regular furniture into statement pieces.


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That’s right – a veneer enhances the interior design of any home with ease!

Here’s why they are always in demand.


Understanding the Beauty Behind Veneer for Interior Design


Before diving deeper, let’s first address the primary question: What exactly is a veneer?

These are thin layers that are peeled/ sliced from natural hardwood and applied to materials like ply to create an exceptional appeal. In terms of a finishing touch, natural wood veneer sheets are akin to royalty. Symbolic of warmth as well as sophistication, they are sourced from exotic species and are distinct in appearance.


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From the way a veneer sheet is cut, different patterns or designs can be produced and these further help in enhancing the look of the furniture or the panel on which it is applied.

There are methods of cutting veneer sheets:

a) rotary cuts and b) slicing or flat cuts c) rift cuts and d) quarter sliced veneers.

Rotary cuts: They are cut along the growth rings of the wood. These rotary cut patterns look wide, bold grain and random. They are mostly sourced out from maple and oak trees.

Slicing or flat cuts: Flat cuts are made with a plate parallel to the log’s length thereby producing the cathedral effect.

Quarter sliced veneers: These cuts are made perpendicular to the cutting blade as a result of which they produce stripes.

Rift cuts: They are mostly outsourced from oaks. The rift effect or the comb effect occurs when you slice across the medullary ray.


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When you choose a veneer, you also have access to a variety of textures and patterns at your disposal. They are also more economical than solid wood as they are slices of wood that rank high in terms of appeal. You can expect a splendid finish to your furniture with a veneer.

Every sheet of veneer is unique as each tree is different from another. Also the natural condition in which they grow and its age influences the bark’s rings and patterns. When it comes to interior design, veneers bring endless design possibilities to the table and can also be customized by combining the textures and patterns.

Natural wood veneer sheets are also less prone to splintering and warping thus making them ideal for usage in homes. 

To provide the best options to choose from, Greenply reserves a wide collection of decorative veneers. For instance Wood Crrests, which includes 1100+ shades ranging from Deco Real to Fumed Nouveau, etc. each come with their own individual charm having been sourced from the exotic forests of North & South America, Europe and Africa. They are made from the finest timber and are also borer proof and termite resistant.


Why Greenply for Natural Wood Veneer Sheets


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Greenply caters to all customers and markets in the plywood segment. Recognized as one of India’s leading brands for home décor solutions, Greenply has over 30+ years of expertise in the industry. Its collection of exquisite natural veneers Wood Crrests has the ability to turn spaces into works of art and therefore is a preferred choice amongst leading architects and interiors. Be it for its range of plywood, blockboards or decorative veneers, it has always pushed the envelope of innovation and finesse.

Enriching the lives of millions, its dedication to quality and value sets it apart from the rest.

Therefore, for a classy look and feel, upgrade your interior design with natural wood veneers by Greenply

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