Advantages of Using Termite Proof Plywood for Furniture
Advantages of Using Termite Proof Plywood for Furniture
May 10, 2023 | By: admin

Termites are tiny but mighty creatures that can wreak havoc on wooden structures and furniture, and they have been a persistent problem in India. In India, it’s common to see wooden furniture and buildings being eaten away by these pesky insects.

Termites invade structures by squeezing through the foundation and wall cracks or infesting wood that touches the soil. Once inside, they devour anything cellulose-based such as furniture. Detecting termites can be tricky since they hide in walls and other inconspicuous areas. Signs of an infestation include mud tunnels along walls, foundations or swarms of termites around or inside the building.

Hence, to safeguard modern Indian homes, the need of anti-termite plywood is paramount.


Termite-Resistant Plywood is a Necessity




If you live in a worry that one day your well-furnished home will be ruined by termites, then it is time to make a switch to termite-resistant plywood that will safeguard your furniture from these tiny insects.

But, what gives termite-proof plywood the ability to safeguard our furniture? Well, it's treated with chemicals like borates and boric acid, which are toxic to termites and prevent them from feeding on the wood. This means that wooden structures and furniture made from termite-proof plywood can withstand termite attacks and remain intact for longer.


Shield Your Spaces with Greenply!

Are you tired of seeing your furniture slowly deteriorate over time? Are you tired of constantly worrying about termites infesting and damaging your furniture? Look no further than Greenply's termite-resistant plywood!


Benefits of Termite-Resistant Plywood




Defeat Interior Challenges with Anti-Termite & BWP 

One of the biggest challenges of using wooden furniture is protecting it from termites. These tiny insects can cause significant damage and decay to wooden furniture, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. However, by using Greenply's termite-proof plywood, you can protect your furniture from termites and ensure that it lasts for a longer time. Our moisture-resistant plywood sheets prevent the entry of moisture, which can attract termites, keeping your furniture intact and structurally sound. 

Also, our plywood products come with water-proof and fire retardancy features, which further help you in protecting your furniture.. Our 2X BWP plywood has successfully passed the 72-hour boiling test and our 2X Fire-retardant plywood, can delay the spread of fire by 90 minutes.


Say Goodbye To Termites!




Looking for plywood that won't be destroyed by these tiny troublemakers? Greenply's termite-proof plywood is here to save the day!

The bonding technology makes our plywood super durable and tough, so you don't have to worry about termite damage.

Select from our premium range - 2X Superior Green Platinum, Green Gold, Green Club 5 Hundred marine grade plywood, structural Green Club 700 plywood, or our versatile Green 710 with other features like BWP & fire retardance as well. 

Whether you're looking to furnish your home or protect your interior spaces, Greenply's got you covered. Say goodbye to pesky termites and hello to stylish, long-lasting furniture with Greenply's termite-proof plywood.


Final Thoughts


To learn more about our groundbreaking range of termite-resistant plywood, we invite you to visit our product page or reach out to us directly on WhatsApp at 70444 46966. Our team is always on hand to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.