A Dining Table Makeover with Greenply Veneer Wood Furniture
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While most of us rave about bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms, we forget how dining rooms bring the whole family together, thereby giving rise to nice family time. A dining room is wrapped up in a plethora of memories, both good and bad. In fact, it is a room where technology is non-existent, where families come together to eat and catch up on each other’s days.




How a Simple Dining Table Furniture Brings the Family Together?


A dining table is one of the most important elements in the room. It is a place where family members sit together, relish sumptuous food, and are forced to step away from social media to be a part of the real world. On a practical note, multi-tasking like texting a friend, sending an email or checking social media is not quite possible while eating and conversing with family members.

The shape, size and colour of a dining table must enhance the beauty of a dining room, rather than making it look dull and small. Hence, the importance of a dining table is immense in uniting a family, thereby giving all the more reasons to take care of this furniture so that the memories remain more colourful and preserved.


Maintenance of Dining Table Furniture


A dining table requires proper maintenance since the table is used for various purposes. At times, we practise the wrong techniques to maintain the dining table, thereby hampering its longevity. Given this fact, you’ll probably ask how to maintain the same.

How about putting veneer interior design on the surface of your dining table to simplify the task of maintaining the same? However, what are Veneers? Here is the answer!




Veneer Wood Furniture - A Way to Elegant Dining Table


A veneer or a wood veneer is primarily made of a thin layer of natural hardwood to give it a royal finish. However, the material gives the whole thing overall stability, thereby ensuring that a veneer wood furniture like the dining table not only looks great but happens to be long-lasting as well. Furthermore, veneer wood furniture adds to the aesthetics of the whole dining room and improves the overall decor of your home. 

Switch to veneers from Greenply and give your dining table the much-needed makeover, thereby making it look brand new.

But why is Greenply veneer of all the other brands?

Greenply offers different grades of their veneers collection.



Checkout Reasons to Tap on Greenply Veneer Wood Furniture


Reflecting Art -

If used correctly, Greenply veneers can convert your old dining table into pieces of art, thereby redefining the theme of your dining room. Sometimes, you just need a veneer dining table to illuminate your dining space, thereby giving an edge to the concept of minimalist design.


Array of Selection -

With Greenply veneers, you’ll get the chance to select from an array of thin wooden sheets, having different designs to colours along with patterns to conception. Greenply veneer is divided into three collections- Wood Crrests, Burma Teak, Farbivo & Royal Veneer Black Forest, to suit your requirement and the theme of your dining room. There are 1100+ designs in Wood Crrests, and 50+ designs in Farbivo for you to choose from.




Eco-friendly -

The Greenply veneers are made of natural wood in a lesser amount. Greenply took the initiative to plant trees using which plywood and veneers can be manufactured. Thus, maintaining sustainability and solving issues with ecological imbalance.  

Our veneers are of E1 emission grade, having negligible formaldehyde emissions for safe indoor air quality. Hence, a veneered interior-designed dining table will turn out to be an eco-friendly piece of furniture without causing any hazard to the environment.


Choose Quality Veneers Choose Greenply 


Greenply veneers are a symbol of elegance and luxury, crafted with precision to suit every corner. Born of an enduring promise of environmental balance and sustainability, they are made entirely from renewable wood resources. It is the perfect amalgamation of nature's best gifts, refined with the most advanced processes to elevate your interiors. Greenply veneers are your one-stop destination for expressing your unique style and personality.

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