7 Interesting Tips To Sparkle Your Wooden Shower Doors
7 Interesting Tips To Sparkle Your Shower Doors
Jul 04, 2016 | By: admin

A vintage wooden shelving unit, green glass tiles, an ornate silver-framed mirror and high-tech bathroom fixtures - your bathroom screams luxury. But wait!! What’s that grimy shower door doing in your bathroom?  It’s a damper, no doubt about it. Don’t let dirty shower doors down your bathroom’s style quotient.

Over here we discuss tips to keep your shower doors squeaky clean:

1. Use Vinegar
Mix distilled vinegar and dish washing liquid soap in equal proportion. Apply this solution on your shower door and wipe with a wet cloth. Afterwards, use a clean dry cloth to wipe the remaining moisture. You can also mix liquid soap with baking soda and clean your shower doors using a cleaning sponge.

2. Clean the Doors Immediately After Shower
Once you are done with your shower- clean the doors. Use a dry soft cloth to wipe off the soap scum and stains.
3. Use Lemon
Cut a lemon in 2 pieces and dip one half of it in baking soda. Now rub the lemon on the glass doors to prevent soap water from settling on the glass doors.  

4. Use Toothbrush for Cleaning
Soap deposits are difficult to clean. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the area and scrap the soap deposits from the doors. Use all-purpose cleaner for cleaning tough stains and soap deposits.

5. Use a Mixture of Salt, Vinegar and Baking Soda
Spray vinegar on the door and leave it for a couple of minutes. Now mix equal amounts of salt and baking soda. Apply this mixture on the door with a damp sponge. Clean with a wet soft cloth.

6. Shower Spray
Make your own shower spray to keep shower doors clean. Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide and half a cup of rubbing alcohol. Add a teaspoon of liquid soap and a tablespoon of dishwasher rinse aid. Now add water to this solution and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on doors and then wipe with a dry cloth.

7. Microfiber Cloth
This is the easiest way to clean your shower doors. Take one wet microfiber cloth and clean the door surface. Follow this up with a dry microfiber cloth.  

We hope that you will find these tips useful when cleaning your shower doors. Looking for waterproof plywood to build bathroom cabinets and shelves? We can help you! Flip through our design & functionality -driven plywood products.

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