5 Reasons to Invest In Natural Wood Veneers
5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Natural Decorative Wood Veneers
Mar 30, 2022 | By: admin

Prior to the 1400’s, the Egyptians have mastered the art of bonding wood veneers for decorative items. Later, the  Industrial Revolution saw a huge-scale production of wood veneers, with the first veneer factory built in Freiburg, Germany in 1843. During the 1960’s, wood veneers became the sought-out decorative material for doors, panels and furniture. From there to the modern 21st century, wood veneers have outlived generations and reigned supreme in the world of furniture and decor. No matter how popular other decorative items like laminates, solid wood, etc. become, nothing can replace or match the everlasting charm and beauty of natural wood veneers. This is perhaps why the demand for veneer wood furniture is here to stay . It's not just one, but five other reasons why wood veneers add timeless appeal to your furniture.


Top 5 Reasons Why Investing in Natural Decorative Wood Veneers is Worth Your Effort and Money




Suitable for Classy Wooden Doors



Your guests will feel welcomed at your abode when they pass through beautiful veneer doors. You can use the decorative veneers as partitions or as a surface material on plywood doors to create an exquisite and welcoming vibe. You can even opt for a contrast look as you blend the richness and texture of veneers with the furniture to create a more classy and elegant appearance.


Exquisite for Wall Panels



Wall panels add a tinge of elegance and fineness to the corners of the room and highlight the intricate patterns and designs. When you utilise natural decorative wood veneers for making wall panels, you accentuate their natural beauty and reflect the breathtaking elements of designs that amplify your decor.


Adorning the Ceilings


With the expert consultation of woodworkers, you can decorate the ceilings with natural decorative wood veneers as they add depth and fortitude to your living spaces.


Versatile in Nature 



We all desire our furniture to replicate our creative vision and aesthetic vows.  Natural wood veneers know how to give shape to these desires as it allows you to experiment with varied designs as each veneer sheet has their unique grain and texture.

Greenply, a sought after plywood brand in India, offers more than 1100 premium ranges of decorative wood veneer shades and textures under the brand Wood Crrests. Sourced from exotic species across the world , these veneers can redefine spaces. For example, you can choose Fumed Nouveau (dark smoked wood veneer) or Deco Real, (natural)  to lend a classic look to your furniture . It's because of these high-quality, elegant veneers, Greenply is on the verge of becoming one of the best veneer brands in India.


Adds a Distinct Appeal


Since natural veneers are sourced from exotic species with distinct grain and texture, it adds a flavour of uniqueness to your furniture. Our furniture’s job is not just to be functional. It should be very attractive and stylistic. It should mirror our taste and personality. Natural wood veneers can turn this favour into a very distinct possibility.

The amazing part is that natural wood veneers are still ruling in the top ten furniture design trends. Which means that more and more people  are open to the idea of utilising veneers for their furniture. Hence, for your wood veneer furniture to last long, you need to preserve its quality and elegance. The right kind of veneer will definitely fulfil this purpose. If you are stuck with what veneer to go about- whether a dark wood veneer or a veneer with a silver sheen, just head to the expert.

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