13 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Greenply Plywood
13 Ways To Decorate Your Master Bedroom
Jun 29, 2016 | By: admin

Looking for cool and fresh ideas to turn your master bedroom into a sleeping retreat? If yes, read on!  

1. Choose Shades of Blue
Blue is relaxing and brings the expansiveness of ocean and sky to your room. Choose soothing blue wallcovers from Greenteriors and add the desired look to your room. Also, add matching draperies to create a relaxing and calming ambience.  

2. Color Co-ordinate  
Choose bedroom draperies similar to the color of the walls. This will soften the look of the room.

3. A Cozy Couch
Take the comfort quotient of your bedroom several notches higher with comfortable sitting arrangements.  

4. Fragrance  
An article at Today quotes Dr. Natalie Dautovich as saying, “Your olfactory system is directly linked to the emotional center in your brain, so when you sniff something that brings back a good memory, your body releases feel-good, relaxing chemicals that can set the stage for great sleep.” Scents such as jasmine, rose and lavender calm your senses and help you sleep better.  

5. Pretty Blossoms
Fresh & colorful flowers add natural warmth to your master bedroom.

6. Create the Right Ambiance with Lighting
Avoid harsh lighting in your bedroom by using dimmer switches and chandeliers. Also, blackout shades or room darkening keep the room dark.  

Greenply home decor idea

7.  Glam Up with Accessories
The right set of accessories can add charm and glamour to your bedroom. Decorate the space with serene artwork and wall hangings.

8. Mirrors
If installed strategically, mirrors can add drama to your room and create an illusion of larger space.
9. Personalize the Walls
Decorate the walls with happy memories. Create a photo collage of your favorite family vacation photos & hang on walls.  

10. Go White  
A classic white master bedroom is timeless. Add a modern touch with hint of pink or red pops.

11. Get a Canopy Bed
Canopy beds are dreamy and add warmth to the interiors. If your bedroom has warm wall paint, keep the curtains of the bed white.

12. Give It an Old World Charm
Add an old world charm to your bedroom with antique furniture, tables and accessories such as chandeliers and mirrors. Use similarly themed wallcovers to make it look classy. Check out our Greenteriors wallcovers on http://greenplyplywood.com/21-greenteriors-wallcovers

Wallcovers for Teen's Room
13. Accent Colors
Just one wall painted in bright red or orange and a soft cushioned chair of the same color can warm up an ordinary bedroom in moments. Strategically used accent colors are inexpensive ways to glam up the bedroom.

Incorporate these simple yet elegant ideas to revamp your master bedroom according to your mood and style.
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