Greenply brings you the world's most striking veneer ranging from Walnut to Rosewood to Mahogany to Ebony and lots more.

Decorative Veneers :
Green Natural Teak Veneers:

The understated style and elegance of teak veneers has made them very popular with interior designers all over the world. Greenply presents an outstanding range with its Green Naturals Teak Veneers, made of 100% Burma Teak, sourced directly from Burma. Available in a range of exquisite designs, these veneers have been exquisitely patterned for the connoisseurs who understand the meaning of ultimate class. The Green Naturals range includes Platinum, Royal, Premium, Horizontal and Mix & Match, each with their own unique grain patterns. These are further enhanced by natural marks like knots, flashes, fiddle, water, fire found on teak trees, which translate into beautiful designs. Green Naturals range of 100% Burma Teak veneers, are designed to bring the timeless class and elegance of Burma Teak into your homes and interiors.

Naturemax Veneers:

Greenply Industries Limited introduces Naturemax, an exquisite range of decorative veneers for connoisseurs of refined taste. An assortment of more than hundred exotic wood species, Naturemax Decorative Veneers, has been exclusively hand-picked from all over the world. The range imparts timelessness of wood décor to living spaces. A perfect reflection of aesthetics, natural value, durability and pro-environment sensitivity, Naturemax Decorative Veneers is for those who revel in making distinctiveness, a statement of living.

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Reconstituted Veneers:
Black Forest Veneers:

Black Forest Veneers are an exotic range of dark veneers sourced specially from the pyimana province of Myanmar, which yields unique dark grains. The Black forest veneers are further processed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to give them an exotic look which is dark, deep & divine. Black forest veneers are a natural alternative to walnut, Sukupira, Ebony, Wenge and other expensive natural veneers which come in exotic dark shades that are much in vogue today. These forest inspired captivating variants are available in light, medium and dark shades, with linear, flowery, exotic and Mix & Match grain patterns.