Decorative Veneers :
Burma Teak Veneers:

Burma Teak Veneers confirms to IS 1328 and are natural veneers made of 100% Burma Teak which have golden yellow grain structure. These are ideal for inserts in panel doors and windows in domestic as well as office interiors. The product is available in One Sided Teak (OST) and Both Sided Teak (BST) grades.

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Naturemax Veneers:

Greenply Industries Limited introduces Naturemax, an exquisite range of decorative veneers for connoisseurs of refined taste. An assortment of more than hundred exotic wood species, Naturemax Decorative Veneers, has been exclusively hand-picked from all over the world. The range imparts timelessness of wood décor to living spaces. A perfect reflection of aesthetics, natural value, durability and pro-environment sensitivity, Naturemax Decorative Veneers is for those who revel in making distinctiveness, a statement of living.

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Decorative Veneers:
Wood Crrest:

Wood Crrest is a premium portfolio of veneers made from the finest timber. The veneers are made from raw material sourced from locations across the world. They come in four main variants namely Fauvian, Avant Garde,Simulacra, & Nouveau.The veneers are manufactured to give an artistic spin to premium living.

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