Greenply offers a range of excellent quality plywood that is made from premium A+ grade timber which undergoes a rigorous 5-stage manufacturing process to make it termite and borer resistant.

Greenply is a leading manufacturer of high quality plywood and block boards, suited for every need. The Greenply range, which includes the flagship brand Greenply Plywood, is made from the finest A+ grade timber and goes through a stringent 5-step preservative treatment, making it termite and borer resistant. Made from 100% hard wood or Gurjan timber, Greenply plywood has high dimensional stability and is warp free. In fact, Greenply is the first company in India to introduce a lifetime guarantee in its premium products, Green Club and Green Club Plus Plywood. The products are eco-friendly and emission free (emits less Formaldehyde as per E1 Formaldehyde Emission level). non-toxic organic chemicals are used for Glue Line protection and in addition to Fire Retardant Plywood, all other Greenply Products are partially treated with Fire Retardant chemicals.

Apart from these, Greenply Industries Ltd. also manufactures Green Flexiply, Green Fire Retardant Plywood, Green Marine Grade Plywood, Green Gold (BWP) Plywood & Block Board, Green Film Faced Shuttering plywood, Green Flexiply, Green 16 mm Calibrated Plywood, Greenply MR Grade Plywood & Block Board, Ecotec Plywood & Block boards and Optima Red Plywood & Block boards. Also available, is the Green Compreg range of products, suited for construction, railway, automobile and other specialized applications.

  Product Range Bis Standards
1 Green Club & Club Plus Plywood IS 10701, equivalent to structural plywood
2 Green Gold Plywood (Bwp Grade) IS 710
3 Green Film Faced Shuttering Plywood IS 4990
4 Green Fire Retardant Plywood IS 5509
5 Greenply Marine Grade Plywood superior than IS 303. resin conforms to IS 710, but trifle parameters of IS 710 are not there
6 Green 16 Mm Calibrated Plywood Not covered under Bis Standards
7 Green Flexiply Not covered under Bis Standards
8 Greenply Mr Grade Plywood IS 303
9 Green Bwp Block Board IS 1659
10 Green Mr Block Board IS 1659
11 Green Naturals Teak Veneers IS 1328
12 Green Spectrumwood Veneers IS 1328 (Decorative Plywood with Engineered Wood Veneer)
13 Black Forest Veneers IS 1328
14 Green Panelmax Hd Decorative Panel IS 1328
15 Green Doors IS 2202 (Part 1)
16 Green Doors Stellar Not covered under Bis Standards
17 Optima Red Marine Grade Plywood Superior than IS 303. resin conforming to IS 710, but trifle parameters of IS 710 are not there
18 Optima Red Mr Grade Plywood IS 303
19 Optima Red Mr Block Board IS 1659
20 Optima Red Bwp Block Board IS 1659
21 Ecotec Bwr Plywood IS 303
22 Ecotec Mr Plywood IS 303
23 Ecotec Mr Block Board Is 1659
24 Compreg, Resin Treated Compressed Wood Laminates IS 3513 (Part 3)

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