Greenply offers high-quality restroom cubicles that are especially designed for enhanced durability and unmatched performance in adverse conditions.

Greenlam Sturdo – an innovative product from Greenply. It is a part of ongoing innovative programs in the field of restroom solutions. It boasts of aesthetically design, hand holds for physically disabled and stylish Privy Divider panel.

Greenply employs state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to design Greenlam Sturdo, which proves to be a wonderful product in adverse conditions such as heavy traffic, extreme moisture and high humidity.

In order to address the needs of physically challenged people, Greenlam comes up with additional restroom space in accordance to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990).

These restroom cubicles are extremely wear resistant to cigarette burns, cleaning agents and scratches. Being germ and maintenance free, Greenply’s Green Sturdo offers more cost savings and complete customer satisfaction.

Greenply is your trusted partner with providing special locks, best in class international accessories and a great range of colours. In countries like India, Green Sturdo is the perfect choice for bathroom cubicles.

We offer four main products under Greenlam Sturdo:
  • Classique Range
  • Vibrance Range
  • Privy Divider Panels
  • Hand Holds
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