Green Doors (With Solid Wood/ Engineered Wood Filler):

Green Doors are a wide range of premium borer-proof doors made by mechanized manufacturing process, which offers uniform thickness without undulation, warping or bending and a smooth surface for laminations. It offers dimensional accuracy and stability in varying humidity and has a high screw holding capacity, high shock and buckling resistance. Available in three varieties, one-side decorative, both side decorative and non-decorative.

100% boiling-water proof bonding, Kiln seasoned stiles, rails and Engineered Wood Solid Core/ Natural Wood Solid Core timbers are treated with preservatives to improve its natural durability. Face veneers are made from selected natural durable wood species which make Green Doors both safe and secure. From processing of Phenol Formaldehyde resin to BWP bonding of veneers and core woods, all are done under one roof - ensuring superb quality, down and through the production line

A 7 year warranty is given against delamination and falling powder.

Green Doors Stellar:

Green Doors Stellar is a range of moulded raised high density panel doors. The skins are imported from Australia. They are resistant to shrinking, swelling, cracking and joint separation. They are available in two variants- Decorative Primered and Decorative Veneered doors, in a range of panel and veneer options.

Decorative Primered Doors are textured and primed with a low VOC primer and ready-to-paint, according to suitability to interiors.

Decorative Veneered Doors are ready-to-polish doors, available in veneered options of Teak, Walnut, Wenge and Sapele.

A 7 year warranty is given against delamination and falling powder.

Green Doors Lamina:

Green Doors Lamina is a new range of premium pre-laminated, easy to use doors with engineered wood filler. They are available in 30 laminate designs in both one-side and both-side laminated options. Laminate thickness is 1 mm, selected from a wide range of Greenlam Laminates, which are high pressure decorative laminates.